Repointing of ridged tiles and chimney stacks


There are many elements that can affect your chimney, including a variety of weather conditions that hits the UK throughout the year, from extreme warmth to freezing conditions as well as high winds and heavy rain.

This can cause damage to your chimney making them structurally unsafe and also cause them to leak with potential water seepage into your home.

Our team of experts are here for you to count on, we will be able to assess the condition of your chimney stacks as well as ensuring that we can carry out all necessary repairs and restore your chimney to perfect condition. If it is essential, we will completely rebuild your entire chimney.

One of the most common issues with chimney stacks is the natural erosion of the pointing,  it will be noticeable that the jointing between the course of stonework will no longer meet with the brickwork and cause the chimney to break away. Before the erosion took place the mortar mix would of held the courses together.

If there is an almost visible black void, this indicates a problem and will need to be rectified and if ignored entirely, can certainly result in more severe structural issues over time.

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